Waking Charley Vaughan:
A Clean New Adult Love Story

The worst night of her life might also be the wake-up call she needed.


I'm an Indie Author of Women's Fiction and Clean(ish) New Adult Fiction novels and short stories.

Not tons of sex. Just books about humans trying to navigate life. 

Check out my stuff. Maybe you'll like it. 

Waking Charley Vaughan- Re-Released!

Shit happens. Amirte? After TOO many months of trying to solve the corrupted/old file issue with print and e-copies of Waking Charley Vaughan, I'm happy to report the problem has been SOLVED. 

I'm also happy to trade bad print copies for good ones, so get in touch if you need to make a swap!


It's taken forever to get a second novel completed. I finally think I'm onto something, and I'm sharing the process with anyone who wants to tag a long.
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